Most of our projects are supported by different government and research organization such as NSERC, FRQNT, Mitacs, as well as industry sponsors. Support of both industry partners and government funding agencies is graciously acknowledged.

Ongoing projects

  • Multi-UAV Active Simultaneous Localization and Mapping in Unknown Indoor Environments, NOVA – FRQNT-NSERC program, 2023-2026, (in collaboration with McGill and Queen’s)
    • This research project aims at addressing several challenges related to the design of efficient and reliable localization, mapping, and exploration algorithms for multi-UAV systems navigating in unknown indoor environments. In particular, the challenge consists in deploying a fleet of UAVs, relaying on vision and inertial systems and endowed with limited on-board computational power, to autonomously navigate and map a completely unknown environment as fast and efficiently as possible. Our proposed solution for this technology challenge consists in the amalgamation of different approaches in control systems and robotics at different levels to coordinate the group of UAVs to accomplish this mission.
  • Advancing Autonomy for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, NSERC Discovery Grant, 2020-2026
    • In this research program, we will aim to contribute to the fields of control and robotics to address the crucial issue of autonomy for small-size (miniature) UAVs. Miniature UAVs are man-portable, easy to control, and highly maneuverable which put them on track to be autonomously deployed in a large number of complicated application scenarios. Specifically, we will tackle problems related to localization in challenging conditions, obstacle avoidance in unknown environments, and realtime execution of complex missions.

Past projects

  • Development of Autonomous Navigation Systems for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Start-Up Grant at UQO, 2020-2022.