The Laboratoire de Robotique et Systèmes Autonomes (LaRSA) is a research laboratory within the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Quebec in Outaouais. LaRSA is founded by Dr. Soulaimane Berkane in 2020. The main research activities at LaRSA are conduced in the field of Guidance, Navigation, and Control (GNC) of Autonomous Systems (AS). At LaRSA, we are also interested in designing and modelling novel AS technologies such as biomimetic drones.

Research Interests

  • Guidance, navigation, and control of autonomous vehicles (ground, aerial, marine)
  • Design of autonomous navigation systems using nonlinear control/estimation theory
  • Sensor-based trajectory planning and guidance
  • Geometric nonlinear control of small-size UAVs
  • Coordination and distributed estimation in multi-robot systems
  • Real-time task planning and control from complex mission specifications

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